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RESOLUTION #2020-06 Prohibiting Public Gatherings

Issued under the Authority Granted by K.S.A. 65-119(a)
The Graham County Local Health Officer hereby issues the following prohibition or restriction regarding public gathering in Graham County:
All public gatherings in excess of ten (10) attendees shall be prohibited or restricted within Graham County:

The basis for this order is:

Novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is an infectious and contagious disease which has become a global pandemic that has resulted in severe health problems and death for thousands of individuals worldwide. COVID-19 is not currently prevalent within Graham County, such disease is prevalent and spreading in other parts of the United States and within other countries. Because of the nature of the aforementioned disease and the risks of such disease spreading during large public gatherings, such public gatherings would pose a risk to the public health, safety and welfare of individuals within Graham County.

                     The following activities for facilities are exempt from the prohibitions of this order:
                      a. Church Services
                      b. Funeral or memorial services or ceremonies
                      c. Childcare locations
                      d. Law enforcement, jail, first responder activities
                     e. Any facility being used as part of a government or community response to a natural disaster
                     f. Food pantries
The penalty for violation of this order is:

Any person found guilty of violation any of the provision of K.S.A.65-119, and any amendments thereto, or failing to comply with any requirements thereof shall be fined, upon conviction, not less than twenty-five dollars ($25) nor more than one hundred dollars ($100) for each offense.
This order shall be effective on this 24th day of March 2020 at 1:00p.m. This order will remain in effect until vacated by the Graham County Local Health Officer.

Dr.  David Atkins,
Graham County Local Health Officer, M.D.

Jason Nelson, Chairman
Graham County Board of Health